About Goodfellas Pawn Shop

Our Philosophy

When we opened our doors back in 1997, people thought we’d lost our minds.

They said “you guys loan people waaaay too much for their valuables”! Well, we beg to differ…The way we see it is that, we’re no different than you. We live in this economy too, and we know how tough it is out there! Everybody, and we mean EVERYBODY, from the businessman to the dishwasher, has for some reason or another, needed some cash…fast. Whatever you need it for… it’s your business.

Our Business

Our business is to make sure you’re treated fairly, with respect, and dignity. Our family takes it very seriously when one of our customers needs a loan fast! You know what your valuables are worth, and we’ll try to come as close to that as we can, so that you leave Goodfellas Pawn Shop with your head held high.

It’s our job to make sure you know you can come to us anytime, with confidence.

Our Commitment


We have built our reputation as California’s most trusted pawnbrokers by being honest with every customer, putting their needs first. Our relationship with you is more than transactional. We want you to know that we can be counted on, anytime that you need us. We will never push you into something that you do not need. We know that you will always have a better experience at Goodfellas because we believe that we are in this together.


Whether you are in a financial jam and need cash quickly, or you are simply looking for a place to sell some items that you no longer need, our commitment to you, is to treat you fairly. We will never take advantage of you. We will pay what is fair and loan generously. The items we sell are fairly priced and in good condition. We believe that if you do right by people, they will come back to you again and again. For this reason, we operate with the absolute highest level of integrity.


At Goodfellas, we are committed to being clear and up-front with every customer. There is no fine print, no hidden fees or nasty surprises. You can trust that we will clearly outline exactly what you can expect when borrowing from us – whether short term or longer term. We do this by educating every new customer with what they can expect from the pawn process and how it will roll out from start to finish. If there are ever any questions or issues, we will address them immediately.

Next time you need some extra cash for one of life’s little unexpected events, remember, in our local community, we’ve loaned millions of dollars to people just like You.

The Goodfellas Family
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