Hand & Power Tools – Buy, Sell and Loan

Whether you are a professional tradesman or someone with a long “Honey do” list, having the right tool for the job is important.

Professionals have a lot of equipment that must be purchased in order for them to do their work. However, this does not mean that you need to break the bank when investing in quality tools. Similarly, your average do-it-yourself’er does not need to spend a ton to acquire tools they will not use every day.

At Goodfellas we offer a wide variety of tools at affordable prices. We also offer consumers the ability to bring in tools they own, using them as collateral to obtain short-term loans. If you need to buy or sell tools, or you want to obtain a loan using tools you own, stop by and see us today.

Power Tools

If you’re looking for a drill, a saw, a grinder, or another type of power tool. At Goodfellas you will find a wide selection of affordable, high quality power tools.

Specialty Measurement

Specialized instrumentation designed to measure distance, weight, volume, electrical signal and the like is valued at Goodfellas. We buy, sell and pawn these tools.

Hand Tools

Snap-on, Mac and other high quality hand tools are bought, sold and pawned at Goodfellas every day. Turn your tools into cash, or find a great deal.

Cordless Tools

Battery powered tools – saws, drills, sanders and more can be found at Goodfellas Pawn Shop. You can pawn your cordless tools for easy cash today.

Trade Specific Tools

Are you a plumber, electrician, machinist or involved in a specialized trade? Your trade specific tools can be bought, sold or pawned at Goodfellas.

Compressors, Generators, & Welding Machines

Pneumatic tools and compressors can be pawned at Goodfellas to put money in your hands. You can also find these tools for purchase at great prices.