Laptops and Tablets – Buy, Sell and Loan

Laptops, tablets, smartphones, smart watches, music players and the like do not need to break the bank. You can find high quality, affordable portable computing devices at Goodfellas.

If you are looking to put money in your bank account, your unused laptop or no longer needed tablet can serve as excellent collateral for a same-day loan.

At Goodfellas, we have a wide selection of devices, all in good working order. Before you get slapped in the face by the high prices of these devices at a big box store, or get swindled by a sketchy deal found online, call or stop by our store to discover the deals we have on offer.

Macbooks & Laptops

Turn your Macbook or other laptop into cash. Leave your laptop with us, and we’ll lend you our money. When you’re done, return the cash and pick up your laptop.


iPads and other tablets can be used to secure a loan at Goodfellas. Not interested in a loan. We’ll still buy, and we are always selling these devices.

Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface is a rising star in the tablet market. If you are looking to buy, sell or secure a loan with one of these devices, stop by today.

iPhones & Smartphones

Have an old iPhone or other working (and unlocked) smartphone you are no longer using. Bring it in today, and walk out with money in your pocket.

iPods & MP3 Players

You can pawn your iPod Touch or other MP3 player at Goodfellas Pawn Shop. Or, pickup your next player by visiting our store.

Smart Watches

Don’t have a smart watch yet? Find one at Goodfellas. Or, has something come up requiring an injection of cash? Use your smart watch to get a loan.

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