Gold, Diamonds & Gemstones – Buy, Sell and Loan

Are you in need of fast cash? One of the easiest ways to put money in your pocket today, is to sell your no longer needed jewelry to us. We pay top dollar for gold, diamonds and other precious stones. When buying gold and gemstones, we look at the value of the the underlying materials that make up the jewelry piece, rather than the piece itself. So, it does not matter to us if the jewelry is broken or part of an incomplete set. We will still buy it at full value. Of course, if it is worth more as jewelry, we treat it as such.

If you have unformed gold or loose stones, bring them in today. We will let you know how much it is worth. We guarantee that our offer will be more than fair and inline with current market value. So what are you waiting for? Stop by today with your gold.


Your gold has real value. Whether gold jewelry (broken or not), gold coins or gold nuggets, we will turn your gold into cash today.


We buy and pawn both loose and mounted diamonds. Even diamonds set in broken jewelry are accepted at Goodfellas Pawn Shop.

Loose Gemstones

Your gemstones can put money in your pocket. If you are looking for a short term loan, or permanently selling your precious stones. Stop by today.