Jewelry – Buy, Sell and Loan

Through the different seasons of life, we are presented with new interests, new opportunities and new challenges. With each new season, we take stock of the last and consider what should be brought over from the last and what should not enter the new.

Often the jewelry we own is a reflection of the season of life we were in when it was acquired. However, that old jewelry may no longer have a place in your current season of life. For instance, maybe a marriage ended or an engagement fizzled out and you now possess a ring as a reminder of that bygone season.

The good news is, that at Goodfellas we can transform your no longer needed jewelry into cold hard cash. Use your old jewelry to secure a loan, or sell it outright.. either way, you can put cash in your pocket.

For others, Goodfellas is a great place to find an affordable jewelry piece that is just right for you or your loved one.


Have a ring in your collection that is no longer worn? Turn it into cash. Or, looking for a unique ring for that special someone? Visit us today.


Looking for the perfect accessory? Our collection of necklaces has something that will fir any occasion. Need money, use your necklace to get a loan.


Your earrings can be used to secure a five month loan. When you are done with the cash, come back and collect your earrings.


A delicate diamond tennis bracelet, a vintage inspired gold bracelet or a sophisticated modern bracelet. We have the bracelet you are looking for.

Broaches & Pendants

Nothing demonstrates your unique personality like a broach or pendant. We buy and sell broaches and pendants and offer short term loans.


This subtle piece of jewelry finishes a look, and can be used to put cash in your pocket. We’ll buy your cufflinks, or provide loans using them as collateral.