Electronics – Buy, Sell and Loan

Electronics play a role in the daily lives of each one of us. We cannot ignore them and it can be increasingly difficult to get by without them. Often, buying these items new can be straining on the pocketbook, but owning the latest tech does not have to be that way.

At Goodfellas we stock tested, high quality electronics. If you are looking for a camera, TV or other electronic device, stop by our store today.

Similarly, if you have a quality electronic device that you are no longer in need of, you can use it to obtain a same-day loan at our store. We will hang on to it in our safe and secure storage facility and return it to you in the same condition it was in when you brought it in.

You can pawn your electronics at Goodfellas Pawn Shop.

Digital Cameras

Whether you are looking for the latest digital SLR camera, or a premium lens, we have both on offer and accept both for as collateral for loans.

Game Consoles

Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Wii are among the most popular gaming consoles you can buy, sell or pawn at our store.


Modern LED TVs, 4K TVs, and other high-end TVs can be bought and sold at Goodfellas. Need a loan, bring in your TV and we’ll give you cash.

DJ Equipment

Looking for new turn tables? Or, looking to upgrade your rig? Turn your old equipment into cash. Or, find the new gear you want at great prices.


We have amps for musicians, amps for your home entertainment center and commercial amps. If it cranks, we will buy it, sell it or pawn it.

Beats by Dre, High End Headsets

Bring the full sound of your music to your ears. Beats by Dre and other popular headphones can be found at Goodfellas Pawn Shop.